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How does the Freelance Writer Program work?
Freelance Writers (FW) place links and banners on their social media sites, websites that send customers to the Go Fund a Hero website for that Campaign.  FW look for stories and publish them here.  FW are paid a commission on total funds collected.
Benefits of joining our Freelance Writer Program?
There are many reasons to Partner with us:
    * Earn 1% Commission on the Total Amount of Funds raised
Example: Campaign collects $100,000 x 5% Go Fund a Hero fees = $5,000 Total Fees
FW makes $1,000
    * Commissions are paid when the Campaign is Closed
    * Free to Join.  No minimum sales requirements
    * Get Exclusivie Leads and Campaigns - Daily, Weekly or Monthly
    * Loads of creative for Ads on Social Media
    * Get Paid by check, ACH or Paypal
    * Setup and Start Campaigns or Assist with Campaigns
    * Receive support from our Dedicated Management Team
    * Helping millions of Amazing People 
Am I eligible to join the Freelance Writer Program?
Go Fund a Hero welcomes everyone to apply to the program, however we reserve the right to refuse any Freelance Writer that does not meet our Quality and Content Standards.  We periodically review Affiliates sites to ensure our Quality and Content Standards are being met. 
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