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Police and doctors are heroes who risk their lives to protect and serve their fellow citizens. When catastrophe hits, they don’t get to run away from the danger. Instead, they face the danger head-on and fight to survive. In some cases, police officers are injured or even killed. On the other hand, doctors can also get infected with the same disease they are trying to fight. It’s our responsibility to help and guide them through the danger. That’s why we set up the Go Fund a Hero.

Go Fund a Hero is a charitable organization with the simple mission of supporting law enforcement’s brave men and women.

We want to raise money to buy medical equipment and donate the supplies directly to hospitals in need. We are also raising money to help police officers access necessities and other essential items.

At the same time, we continue to see the incredible strength and resiliency born from the teaching fraternity. Teachers spend long hours imparting education and life-saving skills to our children. Some teachers are even known to buy school items using their own money. As a result, many of our campaigns are also targeted at crowdfunding for teachers. We believe that investing in our teachers is investing in the future of our children.

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