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by | Oct 22, 2020 | Hero Corner


Doctors take a significant risk or make a weighty sacrifice. Even when they have inferior equipment, doctors put their lives on the line to save the lives of others. They also risk infecting their own families. When responding to emergencies, doctors must overcome self-doubt and sacrifice their comfort and convenience.

Doctors have been relegated to temporary housing such as motels, Airbnbs, hospital’s capsule-sized call rooms. Every day, we recognize extraordinary doctors by making a gift in their honor. In fact, our current crowdfunding is dedicated to the innumerable doctors who are serving during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Firefighters are heroes who rescue citizens from burning buildings while placing their own lives at risk. They face the significant risk of massive fires, with the ability to take out cities, homes, and even countries. They go to where people are in danger, and they save their lives.

Firefighters have worked for hours on end in 95-degree heat, sometimes without enough food or water. As we look at their ash-stained faces, we see a hero looking back at us. We honor the firefighters who are serving residents and protecting properties and resources. If you find yourself in danger, look for red trucks and dress men in blue. But before then, go to our crowdfunding page and donate some money to help our firefighters.


Nurses are regularly risking their lives to treat patients. We adore nurses for their persistence, advocacy, resilience, knowledge, commitment, bravery, and courage. Some nurses are even coming out of retirement to help fight infectious diseases.

Nurses enter their profession to make a difference by making a positive impact on each life. They have to serve as humanitarians, lifesavers, and advocates. In accidents, they help to evacuate patients and continue to care for them. It’s that time to honor the hard work and dedication of our nurses. And you can do that by donating money on our crowdfunding page.


A soldier is a person who is willing to risk his life and fight for his people. Soldiers are dedicated to supporting service members during and after their deployments. They pay the ultimate sacrifice to let us live safely. Instead of sitting in a convertible, they would be lying down in a hearse. Thus, they deserve respect and admiration with deep gratitude for the sacrifices.

Soldiers do this on behalf of our country and for humanity at large. The sooner we understand the importance of our soldiers will genuinely begin to honor them. Our crowdfunding efforts aim to provide emergency funds for returning veterans to alleviate physical and emotional challenges.


Lifesavers put their own lives at risk to save others, often on unpatrolled beaches and waterways. Sometimes they even take on the role of being peacekeepers on the beach. Despite high winds and wild seas, their acts of incredible bravery still stand out.

Lifesavers have emerged as unsung heroes after performing frequent rescues at the remote. Our lifesavers crowdfunding program is a way to appreciate performing the heroic act of lifesavers. It’s our way of appreciating their selfless service and ultimate sacrifice for responsibilities they’ve taken in a voluntary capacity.


The acknowledgment of a whistleblower’s role can be said to be between a hero on the one hand and a traitor on the other. The likelihood of whistleblowing depends on the severity of the incident. Whistleblowers undermine national security, but the world needs whistleblowers. They are indispensable to a healthy society. Whistleblowers speak out – often risking their jobs in the process. Increasingly, wrongdoing in government, as well as the private sector, is being brought to light. That is why we honor them.

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