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Teachers have always been heroes, but parents and communities have never appreciated educators. Each day, teachers make a difference, one child at a time. They bring hope, encouragement, and transform the lives of students and the communities in which they live. They’re also showing up to provide comfort and familiarity during uncertain times. Teachers spend extra time helping children understand homework assignments and go to that extra mile to be a mentor. We believe teachers are crucial to delivering education, and they are a building block of everyone’s life. Our vision is to help them navigate these challenging times by providing them with funds. Join us as we gather funds for the exceptional people in our lives.


Police, teachers, and doctors are heroes. The fact that the police are willing to lay down their lives is a selfless condition. Every day, the members of the police put their lives on the line. Although some days are uneventful, working in law enforcement is no walk in the park. It’s a physical, emotional, and psychological toll on police officers and their families.

People became police officers, teachers, and doctors to serve and protect. That’s why we are crowdfunding to recognize their heroic deeds. We also publicize any opportunity to help and acknowledge local police heroes for their excellent work as they continue to uphold the badge’s values.

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