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Who We are

Our Site for our Everyday Local Heroes. Featuring our Men and Women in the Military, our Law Enforcement, our First-Responders, our Medical and Emergency Staff, our Teachers, and Disaster Relief Efforts.

Our Vision

Teachers have always been heroes, but parents and communities have never appreciated educators. Each day, teachers make a difference, one child at a time. They bring hope, encouragement, and transform the lives of students and the communities in which they live. They’re also showing up to provide comfort and familiarity during uncertain times.

Our Mission

Police, teachers, and doctors are heroes. The fact that the police are willing to lay down their lives is a selfless condition. Every day, the members of the police put their lives on the line. Although some days are uneventful, working in law enforcement is no walk in the park. 

Our Story

Every person in the world is a hero. They express their heroism through simple, ordinary actions of love, courage, and kindness. But there are heroes who risk their own lives for another human being, a stranger.

Doctors, teachers, and police officers dedicate their lives to helping others. In our opinion, the presence of these “heroes” marks the rise of human character, not the decline. The COVID-19 pandemic has also brought many heroes to the forefront; police, doctors, teachers, firefighters, nurses, etc. Our mission is to help them through crowdfunding.

Hero’s Experience Stories

I just want to say thank you for teaching and supporting me! Every class we had you were so persistent in taking me beyond satisfactory and striving for excellence in my voice and speech in a short space of time. Thank you, Lester. You are simply great at what you do.

Jane Gilberts

Teacher, Corner Stone

If it were not for my internship experience I would have never been able to apply Criminal Justice concepts that I learned in the classroom into real life. By completing an internship I am able to focus on what path in the Criminal Justice field that I want to pursue after graduation.

Josh Adler

Police Intern, Criminal Justice

I wanted you to know that everything went very smoothly yesterday. Betsy is just terrific – professional, efficient and people say it is the easiest shot they ever read! Bravo for a job well done, as usual! Keep up the fantastic work, we appreciate all that you do!

Kelly Nilsen

Nurse, Catholic Health

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